Time Shift The Paradigm
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Time Shift The Book

A Fictional Storyline Where 8 Visions/Prophecies
Since Its Inception/Publication Have Come True! 

From Best Selling Author Robbie Thomas
Comes A Factual Horror/Thriller Ride Like Never Before!

An Epic Story That'll Transform Your Way Of Thinking!

What's Written Within The Pages Of Time Shift The Paradigm
Has Started To Come True In Real Life...Post Publication!

"More than just an apocalyptic tale! Many events detailed in Time Shift have come to pass...Simply Amazing!"
-Mike Ricksecker, My Ghost Story and The Haunted
"Stunned, just completely stunned at what has come true in your book!"-Scotty Rorek, ZTalk Radio

"The book is living proof of what has happened, what's happening, and what possibly could happen!
It's Remarkable!"
-Kevin Smith, Kevin Smith Show

Read What Many World Wide Have Already!


Time Shift The Paradigm
#3 Best Seller Fiction/Metaphysical Books
#6 Kindle Ebooks
#39 Fiction Literature
Amazon Europe Germany
July 2012


We've created a page to the left on the navigation that reads 8 visions come true as of May 8th 2012, and continue to come true!

CBS Radio Show, Paranormal View calls it, "Intense! Brilliant! Explosive! Well written, a Best Seller by far!"

20 year veteran Award Winning Journalist, Martha Hazzard Decker gives Time Shift ★★★★★ and says "Difficult to Put Down!"

"This Book Is Epic!"

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Book review on the Examiner.com by 20 year veteran
Award Winning Journalist, Martha Hazzard Decker

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Indie Author News, Interview and Review 
Times Shift The Paradigm  

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"Astounding Roller Coaster Ride. This Book Is Epic! It is well written as the climax begins on page 2 right to the end with an unexpected twist. Just Genius!" Michael Kalinowski
Book Review Critic for Schiffer Publishing

"A heart-felt, world needed message surrounded by a nail bitingly exciting action thriller!"-Geoffrey Gould, Motion Picture, Television Actor

Time Shift promises to be a "MUST READ!" summer "MUST HAVE!" - Chase Kloetzke, Former Deputy Director of Investigations Mufon

"Engrossing. Outstanding book, Robbie Thomas!"
 -Editor-in-Chief/Best Selling Author Scotty Roberts

“One thing I can say is, THIS BOOK IS OFF THE HOOK! Best Seller all the way." - Mike Carson, Rock 106/Sunny 98/The Wolf 92.3 Managing Partner of GiMase Media

"Time Shift The Paradigm, is a Blockbuster. It is well written and pieced together geniusly. If you don't have it, you should!" -Show Host/Author Kevin Smith

"Time Shift The Paradigm, will grab a hold of the reader and not let go until the last page. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! Very Highly Recommended."-Paranormal N' More Radio Show

Robbie has outdone himself with his novel about parallel worlds!"
-Dr. Sharon Oester PHD, Coyote Moon Publishing


★★★★★ Everyone needs to read this book! It makes you look at the world differently. Enjoyed Very Much! -Pam Jordan, United States

★★★★★Finished reading Time Shift - The Paradigm last night. WOW! Thoroughly enjoyed it. It would make an awesome movie! -Lesley Powell-Coates, Australia

Wow! That had me, brilliant work Robbie! -Caroline Beagan, Ireland

Very intriguing and well written! I love the part where you bring in the Mayan Prophecies! -Dianne Laramee-Jett, Canada

Awesome read Robbie! Well done, you're an incredible author! -Dennis Pearce, United States

Well done Robbie! Have just finished reading Time Shift on my beloved kindle and loved every minute of it! -Debora Peden-Hughes, Australia

I can see the book as a movie! It's filled with adventure & intrigue. -Rose Bean Schledwitz, United States

★★★★★Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! It is well worth it! Impossible to put down. -Dale M Philips Bybee, United States

I can't just say one thing about your book, it is really good, hard to put down. I love how it is written, it's not like any other book I have read. Awesome! -Kristine Newton Deman, Ontario, Canada

What A Read, Wow! I have entered the "Time Shift" and what a ride it is! Awesome read as always, Robbie- YOU RAWK!! -Brenda May Marie, Canada

★★★★★ "A Breath of fresh air in the Genre!" Amazon Reviewer in the United Kingdom, Claudine Astbury

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